PMS Services

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Company Name is a Financial Advisory services of Mutual Funds registered with AMFI, which had been providing similar services for over 20 years, to the satisfaction of its clients. Asutosh Bandyopadhyay offers a wide array of products and services, including integrated Financial planning, Wealth management, Tax Consulting services , Insurance & Mutual Fund. Asutosh Bandyopadhyay serves over 1200 clients, high net worth families and individuals and retail investors. Our aim is to provide independent, high quality and customized Services to Individuals. “Maximizing Wealth” is the first and foremost motive of us.

Our services are individually designed to meet clients’ needs as determined by personal consultations and constant monitoring of their financial goals. Our approach is to counsel individual clients, understand their profile, needs and concerns, build customized financial investment portfolios , offer a comprehensive selection of investment alternatives that will suit their Financial goals.

PMS Services Points

  • Highest standards of quality at reasonable cost.
  • Meeting the general and sophisticated financial goals of our clients.
  • Developing, encouraging and rewarding superior performance of our employees.
  • Our Motto is to invest your money in mutual funds carefully and safely like own investment.